Top 5 Best Pinterest Recipe Boards This Week

Pinterest is filled with people who are on par with the most famous celebrities in terms of followers. Why? Well there is good reason. They connect with other people on their favorite topics. The following boards have some of the most unique, popular, and delicious recipes on the planet! So, if you have a passion for food like they do, take a look at these superstar recipe wranglers.

The first rockstar recipe board is This board is curated by Jane Wang. With over 8 million followers she must being doing all the right things.

Here’s a beautiful example from Jane.

This next board is from the Nutrition Twins and it’s terrific if you like delicious healthy food!

Here’s a sample of their pins

Next we have Michael Wurm, Jr. A freelance lifestyle, craft, food, and DIY blogger at

Check out this beauty!


Just in time for Christmas, it’s Amanda Livesay at

Blogger extraordinaire. Hat Oreo Truffle Pops

Rounding out the top 5 we have Molly Pickering
 The Barefoot Contessa's linguine shrimp scampi.

That’s this week’s Top 5 Recipe Boards. Now let’s get cookin’! Well...right after you
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What About You?

What’s your own most popular board? Which board is your favorite? What’s YOUR best board? Feel free to share your comments below.