Monogram Copper Turquoise Faux Pattern Teapot

Make your own personalized teapot on this Copper Turquoise faux finished teapot.
Simply add your own initials or company logo.
If you're looking for a custom made gift for your favorite professional business person, or client
this just may be your cup of tea!


Dark Red IPOD Touch Skins

 Dark Red Iphone Skin

Dark Red

by Corbin Henry



Dark Red IPOD Touch Skins, featuring Dark Red an acrylic abstract with bold colors and imperfect texture.

Monogram Glazed Terracotta Iphone 5 Case

Inspired by high-end watch clasps, the custom metal latch and lever Graft Concepts iPhone 5/5S Case is the perfect blend of style and function for your iPhone 5/5S. Customize the back plate with your designs, photos, and text; then match your artwork with one of six different frame colors for an exceptionally unconventional case.

Find The Perfect Fashion Iphone Case For Your Outfit - Mixing Patterns

Courtesy of ProGifts

How can you find the perfect Iphone Case for your outfit? 
When you're wearing a monochrome outfit
with a black and white patterned outfit you can feel perfectly styled
with a chevron patterned Iphone case with a bold splash of color.

Monogram Red Paint Large Black White Chevron Cases For iPhone 5


The New Monogram Blue Chevron Vibe iPhone 4 Case by ProGifts

How A Simple Hook DIY Idea For Your Kitchen Went Viral On Pinterest

The repins began immediately and within 7 weeks they were well over 3000 repins! This simple idea has inspired thousands, and now they have made it to the Gifts Review blog! The original post didn't have the link to the originator of the idea, so in order to give credit where credit is due I started hunting for the original source. As best I can tell, it started with an article published by Alan Henry on, But it was altered into what we see here by Peyton Glodrey on I first found it hidden away on a REMAX Signature board and it hadn't been repinned even once! Since I thought it was a terrific idea, I repinned it, not as a gift idea, but as a Good To Know idea. As it turns out I think these would make a great gift! They just need a personal note on how to use them in the kitchen!

I can't take much credit for what happened after that because I don't have that much influence on Pinterest, but somebody else does, and they took it and ran with it! The results are just amazing in my mind. So thanks to Alan Henry and Peyton Glodrey for all their inspiration by inadvertently making what was to become one of the most repinned items ever on Pinterest! Congratulations to you both!

New Collection Of Chevron Monogrammed Iphone 4 Covers By ProGifts