Yeah Buoy! How To Join The Yacht Club

Sailing in Thailand by Yachting Lifestyle - February 2015. Yachting Lifestyle is a charter agency that offers full & customised services for your dream vacation on a yacht. This is a great way to join the yacht club without the hassles of owning a yacht! Find out more at

The Yachting Lifestyle is one that provides adventure, luxury, and freedom. Introducing the new Yeah Buoy Yacht Club gift collection. These exclusive gifts are available for worldwide shipping from San Francisco, CA with a terrific 100% satisfaction guarantee! They have a deep blue background that looks like deep ocean waters. The graphics feature "Original Spirit", "Ocean Adventure", "Pacific Ocean", "Sailor Spirit", and 1985, indicating the founding of the Yacht Club.

Now you can represent this luxury lifestyle by sporting it on some of your favorite things. Feel free to share these with your friends, afterall, this lifestyle is meant to be shared, right?

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